Choosing the perfect inscription for a headstone

A headstone inscription portrays what the living loved ones want to say about the deceased. It can be anything from how many years they’ve lived, how much they meant to their loved ones or interesting quotes that resonate with their beliefs. Whether it is your headstone inscription or your loved ones’, knowing what to write can create a permanent memory in everyone’s mind. Here are a few tips to help you choose the suitable headstone inscription:

1. Your wording needs to express your innermost desires

There isn’t a formula that guides you into what words to choose for a headstone inscription. It all depends on your bond with the deceased and their life experiences. No matter the language you select, ensure it resonates with your innermost feelings.

2. Don’t go for overused inscriptions

The words “in loving memory of” have been overused that they lack meaning nowadays. The beauty of headstone inscriptions is that it allows you to play around with words. Instead of using standard wording, go for pictorial carving. After all, it is your loved one you’re customizing the inscription for. The earlier you seek an alternative language, the more unique your loved one’s headstone will look.

3. Less is more

Chances are your target audience won’t have the time to ready wordy sentences because they are already bereaved. Less is more concept works if you want them to pay attention to essential details. You can indicate their date of birth and sunset years, with a few words describing how much they meant to you.

4. Adopt modern design ideas

Out goes traditional inscription methods and in comes modern designs that can transform a headstone into something any millennial will adore. The more open you are to modernity, the better chances of proving to the deceased loved ones that you valued the dead person’s presence.


A headstone inscription is supposed to foster communication between the dead and the living. Using the right words can make your burial or wake ceremony worth the while. The next time you want to choose an inscription for a headstone, consider all these four ideas.