An air purifier is an excellent addition to any home, no matter what size. But where does the hunt for the perfect purifier start? The first step is figuring out why it is needed. Think about the home in question, does it have a lot of smells that should be erased, does it need to be quiet, or is having a remote control a necessity? Or maybe the question is why it is necessary when you already have a great portable air conditioner? But even the best window ac unit cannot compare to the air cleaning quality of a machine built specifically for purifying air.

Sometimes getting rid of odors is all someone needs. There are many air purifiers and air filters that focus on that task. They can come in a large range of sizes and colors, and are able to fit into many situations. People who live in more humid environments may seek an antibacterial option to help destroy mold spores and other microorganisms that could be floating in the air. Ion Generating air purifiers can assist in getting rid of stuff floating in the air by sending out negative ions, or in some cases also positive ions, to latch onto the annoyances in the air and bring them to the ground or otherwise where they can be vacuumed away.

On the other hand, people care more for how fast or quiet an air purifier can work. Some kinds have the ability to change the fan speed for a more quiet time on calmer days and the ability to kick the air cleaning ability up a notch on dirtier days. Noise level would be something to consider if the air purifier is going to be in an office or a bedroom. Some models even come with timer settings, so it can run while the family is away or sleeping and shut off later. And for those that do not want to get up to change the setting or for a disabled person, a model with a remote control would be a great option.

The best place to start looking into air purifiers is to know what you need or would like. Some people also consider the health benefits of air purifiers when looking into the different models. Some can help health more than others.